Latest Product Updates for Dynamic Map by No Code Flow

Check out our planned and latest updates for our interactive CMS Map App for Webflow CMS
November 23
Map Update
Unlimited Map Items & Item Clustering

We're in the process of introducing the capability to add an unlimited number of items to your map, all while ensuring optimal website performance and a responsive map interface. As part of this enhancement, we're also incorporating item clustering, which allows your users to maintain a clear overview even when showcasing over 1000 items on your dynamic map. Notably, you'll have the flexibility to customize the appearance of item clusters, enhancing both the user experience and the visual appeal of your Webflow website featuring an interactive map.

October 23
Map Update
New Map Styles & Custom Maps – styled by you

We're thrilled to unveil a significant update for the Map styles within Dynamic Map for Webflow. This update empowers you to craft fully personalized maps or opt for our collection of fresh-looking prestyled maps – open source as well as sourced from Google Maps or Mapbox.

We're going to achieve that by integrating Mapbox and by implementing Google Maps latest features. This enhancement will improve your flexibility to effortlessly shift between a variety of map styles, enabling you to discover the ideal match for your interactive Webflow map project.

September 2023
Real Estate Demo Cloneable

We are releasing a real estate cloneable which allows you to start with a pre-styled Webflow project for the use case of a real estate agency or booking company.

With this pre-styled template we want to make it easy for you to set up your next project in which you require an interactive Map for Webflow.

You can easily connect Dynamic Map with the clonable and get started to customize your website with location pins, a working filter and a pre-styled UI as well as already existing collection list items in less than five minutes.

September 01, 2023
Map Update
New Map Styles and Distance Sorting

We released new black-and-white map styles powered by Stamen, which allow you to make a slick-looking black in a dark-mode style. You can implement this Map style when creating a new project or add the Stamen maps with this tutorial.

We also added the possibility to sort the list items regarding the closest distance. So for every click the user makes on a map or list item, the closest items will show up at the top of the list, sorted by the distance from the original clicked map item. You can implement this functionality when creating a new project or via this tutorial.

August 11, 2023
Map Update
Public Beta Launch 🚀

With our most significant update yet, we offer a more feature-rich Dynamic Map for Webflow. This enhanced map includes a customized filter, extended interactions from both the item list and the map itself. Additionally, we've introduced a range of new functionalities such as pop-ups, tooltips on hover, and the option to incorporate Google Maps as an alternative map variant for your website. Moreover, we implemented custom pins, price pins, the possibility to filter, sort and search your map items in Webflow CMS.

Also, we've introduced a brand new No Code Flow interface that facilitates the integration of your project. This simplifies the process of implementing Dynamic Map on your Webflow project while retaining complete design control over your project in the designer. Furthermore, we've incorporated a series of performance enhancements and added functionality under the hood of the tool making the map experience smoother for your users.