Pricing Plans for Dynamic Map by No Code Flow

Free to set up and use until your site is live on a custom domain. You can connect as many Webflow accounts to your No Code Flow account as you want. Each live domain requires a separate seat.

Starter domains only
it's for free :-)
Get started for free
Explore all Dynamic Map features on your Webflow staging domain
Just upgrade to the business version, when your project is about to go live
Includes seats for 1 live domain
or $160 yearly
Up to 100K Traffic per live domain per Month
Add as many seats for more live domains as you want to
Get priority support, livelong updates and useful add-ons
Transparent and monthly cancelable fee – no additional costs or extra tools required
For custom solutions
Let's Talk
for a custom enterprise solution
Custom solutions with up to 1 Mio. website visits
Advanced interactions, scaleable to unlimited map items and a custom back-end
Feature requests for enterprise use cases
Bullet-proof custom server structure
We use the Dynamic Map by No Code Flow for multiple projects – and it works great!

John Theofanopoulos

Project Manager – BX Studio

Frequently Asked Questions about Dynamic Map for Webflow

The most asked questions regarding the Dynamic Map for Webflow

Can I use Dynamic Map for Webflow already?!

Yes, if you sign-up, you are able to use the Map already right here.

Can I try the Dynamic Map for free?

Yes, you can implement the dynamic map on as many websites as you want as long as they are hosted on a domain. Only when you want to launch with a custom domain you need to buy a license plan.

Can I customize every UI element of the Dynamic Map?

Yes, you can customize everything. The only limitation is the map itself. For the map itself, we can only provide third-party services. Currently, we feature Google Maps and Open Street Map in different variations. But we're also working on a bunch of other integrations as you can see on our road map.

Can I make my map like Google Maps as well?

Yes, Dynamic Map for Webflow works with Google Maps as well. You need to configure the Google Maps API key accordingly, though.

For how many different sites can I use the map in Webflow?

You can use the map on as many pages as you want, as long as they are on the same domain. You also can build as many maps on as many domains as you want. Only as soon as you launch on a live domain, you have to buy a license key for each domain that is going to display the dynamic map.

Is it possible to switch the breakpoint for the map?

Yes, all of the styling of the map component happens right within Webflow. This allows you to style everything right within the designer. This includes breakpoints.

Why do you charge on a monthly basis?

Since we plan to consistently add new features, maintain the infrastructure (APIs etc.) and provide ongoing free support and guidance to our users, we're charging on a monthly basis.

Since this is a niche product, this is the only way to keep this project alive and enable us to work further on it.

We're going to offer discounts for non-profits and agencies (if you plan to use the map on multiple projects) though! Feel free to contact us about it.

Also for beta users we'll give a pretty big discount before our official Version 1.0 launch, so make sure to sign up before we go live! :-)

Is there an item limit in the Dynamic Map I should be aware of?

Currently, you will only be able to display 100 items at the same time on the map due to Webflow's own limitations and performance reasons.

Within the next updates, we're going to build in a few features that make it possible for you to implement unlimited items on the map.

You can sign up and start to build an interactive map already and implement coming changes in the future on the fly.

If I implement and buy the map now, can I updated it later?

Yes, we make sure to keep every version compatible with every update, so that you can just implement new features without implementing it again on a live project.

Can I set a custom zoom level for the map?

No, not yet. But we're going to implement that feature withing the next updates.

The default zoom level of the Map contains all existing locations though.

Does the Dynamic Map work with Finsweet or Relume Extensions?

You can use every kind of Webflow tool or application that you like, as long as it doesn't work on the base of attributes. For example, the whole Relume library can be used easily. Also, everything from Flow Base is fine to use. With FinSweet extensions, you need to be careful to not interfere with the JavaScript from our attributions we use to make the map work. Thank you.

Will I be able to create custom pop-ups?

Yes, with our new Dynamic Map for Webflow you can create custom and interactive pop-ups and tooltips, connect them to a collection list and make them interact however you want to.

How can I get started with the implementation?

Just sign-up to No Code Flow to access and implement the dynamic map on your Webflow website. You can also use our clonable to make sure that your map is ready to launch in no time.

No Custom Code

We at No Code Flow provide Webflow tools that work without any coding knowledge.

Webflow CMS First

Every component works with the Weblow CMS and can be styled right within the Webflow Designer.

Free Support

We provide E-Mail support using Loom to provide easy to understand and implement help videos.

Ongoing Updates

The money we earn from this project will be reused for maintanance, updates and more No Code Flow tools.