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The Dynamic Map for Webflow CMS

Customize, implement and style a filterable map with location pins all within Webflow.

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Customize the Dynamic Map for your requirements

We got feedback from our Dynamic Map users – and implemented (nearly) every requested feature for you

Customizable Map Provider
Location List Interactions
Dynamic Map Filter
Sort for Closest Distance
100% Webflow CMS compatible
Custom Zoom In / Out Buttons
Styleable Tooltip
GDPR Ready
Google Maps
Styleable Pop-Up
Price Slider
Multiple Maps per Page
Custom Location Pins
Display up to 400 CMS items

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Implement the Dynamic Map in Webflow in 3 easy steps

We got feedback from our Dynamic Map users – and implemented (nearly) every requested feature for you

In our new NCF Editor you can customize your Dynamic Map and get implementation guidelines
What you've done is excellent. Really worth the money! Looking forward to the new version.

Uros Mikic

CEO – Flow Ninja


The most asked questions regarding the Dynamic Map 2.0

Can I use the map already?!

Yes, if you sign-up for our closed beta, you can be one of our first users! :)

Can I try the Dynamic Map for free?

Yes, you can implement the dynamic map on as many websites as you want as long as they are hosted on a domain. Only when you want to launch with a custom domain you need to buy one of our plans.

Can I customize every UI element of the Dynamic Map?

Yes, you can customize everything. The only limitation is the map itself. For the map itself, we can only provide third-party services. Currently, we feature Google Maps and Open Street Map in different variations.

For how many different sites can I use the component?

This depends on the pricing model that you choose. Take a closer look at our pricing page.

Is it possible to switch the breakpoint for the map?

Yes, all of the styling of the map component happens right within web flow. This allows you to style everything right within the designer. This includes breakpoints.

Is there an item limit in the Dynamic Map I should be aware of?

Currently, our map can show a maximum of 300 items per Collection List at the same time. This is due to performance reasons. For enterprise clients we can offer a custom solution that clusters items though.

Can I set a custom zoom level for the map?

Yes, you can set up a custom zoom level. So your map can show only a few pins OR the whole world by default.

Does the Dynamic Map work with the Jetboost filter?

As of right now, we provide our own filter solution. In the future we hope to be able to collaborate with and other Webflow apps, to provide an even more feature rich Map experience.

Will I be able to create custom pop-ups?

Yes, with our new Dynamic Map 2.0 you can create custom pop-ups and tooltips and make them interact however you want to.

When will you release the Dynamic Map 2.0?

We'd love to release Dynamic Map 2.0 already! But we want to provide an excellent user experience to provide a Webflow-App that you can trust. So our planned release is January 2023. BUT you can sign-up to get early access already!

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